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I’ve spent the past several years working my wordsmithing magic as the owner of Syntax Sorceress LLC. I love the autonomy of owning my businesses, and the constant influx of great ideas and great people that it brings into my life. Every project is different than the last, and that’s wonderfully challenging. I like to be challenged. Maybe that’s why the first time I played D&D I was the DM or why I didn’t stop playing Munch Man until I could complete all 60 levels without being caught by the Hoonos …

Prior to freelancing, I was the lead copywriter at Cranium and a senior editor at Longer ago than I’d like to admit, I studied broadcast journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

I consider myself a modern-day renaissance woman: mother, writer, gaming guru, entrepreneur, poet, traveler, enlightenment seeker, crafter, art enthusiast, family historian, cancer warrior, and student of the world.

Professionally, I’m most well known for my editorial work on family games, such as Cranium Family EditionWhoonu,Kabookii (Nintendo Wii), Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre GameSmithsonian Mission Museum, and MythBusters Hit the Target Trivia Game; preschool toys, including the award-winning line of Cranium Bloom games, puzzles, and activity books; and adult party games, like Cranium WOW and Party Playoff.

Personally, I recently ventured into the world of book (and blog) writing to fulfill a promise to my beloved mother-in-law, Sue, whose bright light was extinguished in 2010 after a valiant 13-year battle with breast cancer. In death, as in life, Sue continues to motivate and inspire me. In addition to that project, I have dozens of other children’s books in the works. If you’re a publisher or agent curious to know more, we should chat. Send me an e-mail at syntaxsorceress@gmail.

My home base is Seattle, where I live with my husband and best friend, Ryan; my charming and precocious baby girl, Szaba; and my sociable rescue dog, Pavlov.

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